Sep 28, 2011

TRAI wants you to Innovate, think beyond SMS

TRAI guidelines become effective from Sept 27. They have divided India in two groups – one hates the initiative and the other loves it. If you ask me, I am in second category and feel they have just taken the first baby step. My belief is it will evolve over a period of time into a better and more intelligent set of rules and this is just the first step.
Where is my “Noida’s Best Location wala Flat” ka SMS? These guys used to greet me every morning, I feel Lonely today, thanks to TRAI. 
They have started with a binary approach either 0 or 1 – which is usually the easiest to start off with. While it is easy to implement at technical level, it is not the last word here I believe (All SMS should pass through NCPR to find out whether it will get delivered or not). In a sense, they are testing how it should work and before incorporating all the required changes, they want to understand the right set of rules which will form the guidelines.
Since most startups & businesses rely on SMS, it now a tough ask for these service providers to find a working alternative. Obviously there has been lots of noise in the social media on the opt-in services. TRAI is being asked to consider opt-in categories or sub-categories.
With the present implementation, it’s going to be hard to implement  the logic for SMS delivery (at operator level). However this is an evolving process and if the set of rules is well defined, the operators have to fall in line. The onus also lies – to some extent – on the VAS / SMS bulk providers to implement as they have been the worst offenders in the past.


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